BTS’ Net Worth 2023 At $3.5 Billion, Find Out Who Is The Richest

There is no doubt that South Korean boy band Bangtan Boys, aka BTS, is currently one of the most-loved, most-streamed and most-followed musical groups worldwide. With an ARMY of millions, the group’s music is listened to a lot, earning the group and its members – J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, V and Suga tons of money.

As per btsbomb, BTS’ Net Worth in 2022 is about $3.6 billion, with an annual income of $60 Million. The report states that the band’s main sources of income are music projects, album sales, live tours, online concerts, brand endorsements, and having additional shares in HYBE Label stock.

Besides a basic salary of $8 million per annum each, the net worth of the seven singers has now risen to around $16 million as they now hold a hefty amount of 478,695. Scroll below to know the individual net worths of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

J-Hope Net Worth

J-Hope net worth is estimated to be around $24-26 million, making him the richest BTS member. As per the site, the main dancer, lead rapper, and sometimes unique vocalist of the group owns a $2 million apartment in Seongsu-dong, Trimage Complex, Seoul. Besides the base salary and earnings from HYBE Label stocks, Jung Ho-seok also earns via BTS music concerts, live tours, his solo mixtape ‘Hope World’ and brand endorsements. His most recent outing was a featuring artist in ‘Rush Hour’ by South Korean singer Crush.

Suga Net Worth

Born Min Yoon-gi, the lead rapper, co-producer, and songwriter of South Korea’s most-loved boy band, is estimated to have a net worth of around $23-25 Million. Suga’s main sources of income are BTS music, concerts, live tours, his solo mixtapes’ Agust-D )2016)’ and ‘D-2 (2020)’ and brand endorsements. He reportedly owns a $3 Million property in Hannam Riverhill. He was recently seen as a featured artist in ‘That That’ a song recorded by South Korean singer Psy for his eighth studio album Psy 9th.

RM Net Worth

RM, born Kim Nam-Joon and formerly known as Rap Monster, has a net worth of around $20-25 million. The singer, best known as the leader of the Bangtan Boys, is the group’s main rapper and is popularly called ‘Rapmon’ by South Korean fans. With earnings mostly coming in from BTS music, concerts, live tours, his solo mixtape ‘Mono’ and brand endorsements, the singer reportedly owns a $5.7 million house in Nine One Hannam splurge. RM’s recent outing as a lead singer is Wild Flower’ with Youjeen. As a featured artist, his recent tracks are ‘Sexy Nukim’ by Balming Tiger, ‘Smoke Sprite’ by So-yoon and many more. He is also the ambassador of the popular K’hawah coffee brand produced in South Korea and earns royalties.

Jin Net Worth

Kim Seok-jin has a net worth of $20-22 Million. The oldest member of Bangtan Boys, Jin, comes from an affluent background whose “family is all in business.” The singer earns huge thanks to BTS music, concerts, live tours, brand endorsements and his family business. He also started a Japanese restaurant in 2018 with his brother by Seoul Space. Jin is also the proud owner of a Porsche Panamera GTS, TurboRoyal Blue Lamborghini Aventador S and a $3.4 million flat in Hannam Hills.

Jimin Net Worth

Jimin – who is well known for his soft voice and seductive dance moves, has a net worth similar to that of V and Jungkook. The “Fairy of BTS” is said to have a net worth of $20-22 Million. Aside from purchasing a $5.3 million flat at Nine One Hannam, the so-called Beverly Hills of Korea, the singer also brought an old flat in Banpo Jugong location by the Han River worth US$3.9 million. He also owns a Porsche CarreraElectric Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

V Net Worth

Kim Taehyung, aka V, is the second youngest member of BTS and has a net worth of around $20-22 Million. Like the other members, he also earns majorly through the group’s music concerts, live tours and brand endorsements. BTS V is the only member of BTS who started an acting career and has appeared in a supporting role in the historical Korean drama Hwarang (The Poet Warrior Youth) in 2016. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he stated that he would like to try acting again after he’s 30. V owns a $4.55 million SK Apelbaum flat in Gangnam.


Like the three above, the group’s youngest member, Jungkook, also has a net worth of around $20-22 Million. Known as the Golden Maknae, Jeon Jung-kook is the group’s main vocalist/singer, lead dancer, and sometimes rapper and earns through BTS music, concerts, live tours and brand endorsements. He owns a Mercedes Benz GT63 S with it as well as a $7 million two-story house in Itaewon and a $2 million apartment located in Seongsu-dong, Trimage Complex, Seoul.

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