Instagram users can now live stream to their ‘Close Friends, Know How It Works

Instagram users can now live stream to their ‘Close Friends, Know How It Works

Instagram, the Meta-owned social media organization, recently introduced a new feature called ‘Close Friends on Live’, which, as the name suggests, allows users to go live with up to three other people. According to the company, the new feature is useful for sharing thoughts and catching up with friends.

How It Works

Setting Up: When starting a live video, users can select the audience by choosing the Close Friends option. This limits the live stream visibility to those included in the user’s Close Friends list.
Notifications: Only users on the Close Friends list receive notifications about the live stream, ensuring that the broadcast reaches the intended audience.

Benefits Instagram This live stream feature

Privacy Control: Users have greater control over their live content, deciding who can join and view the live session.
Focused Engagement: By limiting the audience, interactions during the livestream can be more meaningful and focused.
Comfort and Security: Users might feel more comfortable sharing personal moments, knowing that only trusted friends are watching.

Instagram’s new livestream feature for Close Friends provides users with more privacy and control, making live interactions more personal and safe. This feature is expected to be popular among users who value privacy and prefer to share live videos with a small number of trusted pals.

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